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1. Analyze, crunch numbers, and plot result



Requirements Development

Competition Analysis

Trade Studies

Decision making

Using System Engineering methods, I am able to break down complex problems and develop optimized solutions.


I am proficient with analysis and data plotting tools.


2. White papers on technical topics



Marketing material


Technology Descriptions

Application information or use cases

Includes research into the subject matter and developing a well composed material for publication or distribution.


The work includes developing all the necessary graphics..


White papers make great material for websites and for use in publications such as technical journals.


3. Prepare proposals (my specialty!)



Solution development

Competition Analysis

Formal Proposal including cost


I am able to lead or help a proposal team move from requirements to a solution that best meets the needs of the customer.


A proposal is prepared that is professional, easy to understand, and compliant.


I have an 80% win history on proposals.


4. Create technical manuals


Technology Descriptions

Maintenance manuals



Have a product or service you need documented? I can create technical manuals such as for assembly, operation, maintenance, and application.


The work includes developing all the necessary graphics.


5. Create Web articles



Marketing material

Technology Descriptions



Web articles can be very effective in communicating your product or service.


These can even be content for you web page or web pages/blogs in the product or service field.


The work includes developing all the necessary graphics.


6. Create Websites



Product or services


Technology Descriptions


I can design a modern custom website that not only communicates the details of your products and services, but will also rank high in search engine results.


Want social media included? This is critical these days to communicate real-time information to your clients, suppliers, and followers.


7. Create training and marketing videos



Product or services

Installation, operation and maintenance

Technology Descriptions


Multimedia is a lot more effective than text, graphics, and photos.


I can create material that efficiently integrates video, audio, graphics, text, and other messaging to support training or marketing requirements.

8. Create corporate marketing material



Data sheets


Technology Descriptions



I will combine graphics and text to create attractive marketing material for print and electronic distribution.


Local hard copies can be provided.

9. Perform online web survey/feedback


Customer or clients



General market survey


Need feedback from suppliers, clients, or employees? I can create a secure online survey, collect and organize the results, and provide a report of the survey results.


This is a very effective step in the decision making process.


10. Create corporate Greeting Cards


Employee relations (anniversary)

Thank you or appreciation cards

Holiday cards for customers

Invitation cards


As a graphics artist and writer, I have a side greeting card business called Comical Captions. It is very successful.


I can create one or more custom Greeting Cards for you to use internally or externally within your company.